Business Loans for Eye Glass Store

Generally all small and medium sized businesses require funding, and many of them apply to the bank directly for the funds they require. Banks are not very open to providing small and medium sized businesses with funding, and generally about 90% of all funding applications are rejected.

Some of the reasons that banks reject applications of small businesses is to protect their investment. Banks have a long list of qualification criteria which they follow religiously. Private lenders such as Funding Easily have very different qualifying criteria from banks regarding business loans for eye glass stores. For more information: Cash Advance USA

Banks generally require statements that reflect healthy deposits and ending balances. They also require in some cases the personal financials of the business owner, along with profit and loss statements, tax returns, other documents etc. Following all this, the bank will take a couple of months to inform the applicant of the approval or rejection of the application itself.

In comparison to this a private lender such as Funding Easily requires nothing much in the way of criteria from a small business such as an Eye Glass store. The business needs to be operational for over 12 months, and the minimum monthly gross of the business needs to be over $15 thousand. Also the business owner should not be in active bankruptcy.

Funding Easily can and does at the quickest provide the funding within 48 to 72 hours from the time of receiving the application. Small businesses looking for business funding for eye glass stores need to follow some very basic simple steps to get the funding they require, quickly.

The qualifying criteria for businesses loans through a private lender is simple. The business needs to be active for the last 12 months and the minimum gross sale should be at least or in excess of $15 thousand. In addition to this the owner of the business should not be in bankruptcy.

For more information contact us, our funding team will provide you with the information you require and assist you with the filling of the application.

Eye Glass Store Have Special Funding Requirements. We Understand them well.