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Most small business owners believe it’s impossible to get a apply for small business loan with poor credit let alone without collateral, security and personal guarantees. However, it is true, and we do provide loans like this to thousands of small business owners every year.

Funding Easily is a private lender who provides business funding to thousands of small businesses, with very reasonable criteria. While most business owners ask themselves questions such as, how to how to apply for a small business loan? The solutions are available.

Funding Easily enables business owners to apply for business loan and get approved due to our very easy and flexible qualification criteria. Our basic criteria are simple and easy to meet as mentioned here; The business needs to be at least a year old or 12 month old, the owner of the business should not be in active bankruptcy, and the gross income of the business needs to be at least $10 thousand. These are very simple and easy criteria for any business to meet, and most small businesses who apply qualify for the funding.

In addition to this there are other features as well, such as follows; the business owner need not possess excellent credit scores, and can apply with a credit score in the mid-500s. Also, we do not require collateral, security and personal guarantees to provide small business loan apply online owners with the funding they require.

How to apply for a small business loan?

Here we could say preferably not to the bank, however if a small business owner does not apply to the bank, how would they know that banks prefer to fund large businesses over small businesses. This is primarily due to the security of their investment.

Banks have a long list of typical criteria, which includes collateral, security, high credit scores, good profit and loss statements, personal financials and the list goes on. These criteria are good for big businesses who are able to meet most of these with ease, however they are not feasible for small business owners.

More information can be gathered by contacting us, and our funding team will also be happy to provide you with additional information as well as with filling in the loan application form.

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