Auto Body Shop Financing

There are numerous automobile shop that exist across the length and breadth of the US, and for those we provide specifically auto body shop financing. These kinds of loans are specifically designed to meet the day to day requirements and business requirements of auto garages, and are as a result well suited to them. For more information related to Cash Advance USA

If you are a business owner and have considered getting a auto body shop financing, you would find that there are times when banks don’t give them out so easily. Generally small business owners require funding for very typical reasons such as purchasing equipment, expanding their business or even just working capital. The funding is essential for small or medium sized business owners, and the ability of the business to survive or remain competitive sometimes depends on timely funding.

Banks are generally not the best candidates to provide auto body shop financing, and the reasons for this are many. Generally banks do not look upon small and medium sized businesses as very stable investment options, and they require tons of paper work to satisfy their investment insecurities. In addition to this banks also take a very long time to satisfy their insecurities, and the waiting period will be months to get an update regarding approval or rejection.

Auto Body Repair Financing

With Funding Easily, we are private lenders and as such view every small and medium auto body repair financing application from a very different perspective. A private funder providing a auto body repair financing does not require collateral of any kind, or security and no personal guarantees. Some of the other criteria are the minimum gross sales of the small or medium sized business needs to be at least or over $15 thousand.

These are reasonable and easy criteria for most small and medium sized businesses to attain and this makes it possible for them to receive the funding they require as well.

For more information related to how we can assist you with your auto body repair financing, contact us through our contact page. Our funding team will provide you with the information you require, and also be happy to assist you with your loan application.

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