Resources to Find Small Business Loans for Women

business loans for women

There are numerous business women who require business funding for their businesses and we provide business loans for women. The funding criteria that we have is very different from those of banks as a private funder, and this enables small business owners to apply and get funded easily.

Typically, banks are not much in favor of funding small businesses as they consider these to be ‘high risk investments’. However, there are other options for small business owners as we provide small business loans for women.

The banks criteria are nothing like this, and are complicated and stringent. Banks are not flexible with the criteria that they have and often reject applications. In fact banks reject over 90% of all small business loan applications they receive.

We do not require high credit scores to provide a quick small business loans. Typically, we work with credit scores that are in the mid-500s and below average credit scores. The reason for this is because it has nothing to do with our qualification criteria. We are aware that there are many factors that affect the credit score, all of not which are related to the business ethics of the business owner.

Banks on the other hand do require credit scores that are above average to provide business funding for women. Typically, a bank will not accept an application where the credit scores are not above average, or even near or above 700s. This is something that many small business owners find very difficult to achieve.

The processing time frames that we have are also extremely quick, with some businesses getting the funding they require within 48 to 72 hours, or a weeks’ time at the most. Banks on the other hand do not process loan applications so quickly, and are in no hurry to fund small businesses.

For more information related to women owned small business loans get in touch with us. Our funding team will provide you with the information you require and assist you with the funding application. Alternatively, you can DIY by clicking on the ‘get started’ tab.

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