Business Loans for Candy Store

Candy store owners are small business owners, and as a small business owner when they are searching for a business loan for candy store, they may be surprised by the reaction of their bank. Even though they maintain their business account in that bank. This is not a surprise because, banks are not keen on funding small and medium sized businesses. In fact that they do everything possible to reject applications of small and medium sized businesses, because they are considered very high risk loans. Apply for Quick Business Loans

All hope is not lost however for the small business owner, there are numerous private funders now who do fund any business very easily. Private funders are not like banks, and they do not maintain strict criteria to reject the most applications as possible. Banks end up rejecting about 90% of all loan applications that come to them.

As a private funder Funding Easily requires no personal guarantees, collateral, security, and a very average credit score will work just fine as well. The requirements that we do have are as follows; the business needs to be 12 months old, the minimum gross monthly sale needs to be at least $15 thousand, the business needs to be active, and the owner of the business should not be in bankruptcy. For more information: Cash Advance USA

The time frames are also another issue that small business owners should be aware of. A private lender such as Funding Easily is able to deposit the funds into the business account as early as 48 to 72 hours. This is about the earliest that a business can receive the funding. On the other hand banks take anywhere between 2 to 6 months because they simply are not keen to fund small businesses anyway.

Banks require a lot of documentation, far more than we require. This includes business statements which reflect excellent deposits and ending balances. Tax returns, personal financials, profit and loss statements and more which are all used to satisfy the criteria of banks.

More information can be gathered related to business funding for candy store, if you require by contacting us directly. Our funding team will assist you with information and also assist you with the application form if required.

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