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Many small business owner go straight to the bank the moment they realize they require a business loan. And many are equally surprised to find out that their banks are hesitant to provide them with the funds they require. Business loans for cookie stores can be obtained easily if the business owner requires it from a private lender.

A private lender such as Funding Easily has a very different set of criteria to hand out a business loan. They are reasonable and achievable criteria, as compared to the criteria of banks which are very complicated criteria for most small businesses. Apply for Quick Business Loans

Banks are not in favor of giving loans to small businesses for the simple reason that they consider.  Professionals, small businesses and medium sized businesses to be high risk investments, and they fear losing their investments.  This is one of the reasons about 90% of business loan applications to the bank are rejected.

Typically, a bank would require a long list of documents from a small business owner, such as business statements that reflect good deposits month to month and also strong closing balances, profit and loss statements, tax returns, personal financials of the business owner and so on. In addition to this banks do require personal guarantees, collateral, and various forms of security, and the credit score of the applicant needs to be 700 or above. For more information: Cash Advance USA

A private lender such as Funding Easily can work with an average credit score or even below average, in the mid-500s. In addition to this a private lender also does not require personal guarantees, collateral and security. What a private lender like us requires is mentioned here; the business needs to be at least 12 months old, the business needs to have a gross monthly sale of at least $15 thousand, the business owner should not be in active bankruptcy, and the business should be active. If a business can meet these simple realistic criteria they should be able to easily qualify for the funding.

For more information related to business funding for cookie shops contact our funding team. They will provide you with the information you require and assist you with the application if you require.

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