Dental Financing Bad Credit

When dentist loans and other professionals require business funding they generally visit the bank and apply for a dental business loan. Generally, what most small and medium sized businesses don’t realize is that banks are not keen on funding small and medium sized businesses. This is due to the cumulative experience of banks across the nation and over the decades. As a result banks have a very strict and stringent list of criteria which they follow diligently, and reject over 90% of all applications.

Private lenders on the other hand do not have a requirement for such stringent norms, criteria, paper work etc. Private lenders such as Funding Easily, provide small businesses with all lot of slack. Typically, we do not require collateral, personal guarantees, security and even a credit score in the mid-500s will enable a business to qualify for the dental financing.

There are other features as well that business owners should take into consideration. The turnaround time for a bank is a couple of months at least for an update and to receive the funds it would be a bit longer than that dental financing companies. With a private funder the turnaround times are very quick. Typically, a business owner can receive the funds they require as quickly as 48 to 72 hours from the time they submit the application.

As most small business owners who have used the services of private funders know, going to the bank is a long drawn out process with a very low possibility of approval dental financing. With a private funder things are a lot more practical and feasible.

Typically, all a private funder needs in the way of funding criteria is simple, they requirements are simple dental financing bad credit. The business needs to be at least 12 months old and active, and the minimum gross monthly incomes of the business needs to be at least $15 thousand. In addition to this the owner of the business should not be in active bankruptcy.

For more information on the benefits of private dental loans no credit check contact us. Our funding team will provide you with all the information that you require and also provide you with assistance filling an application if required.

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