Business Loans for Bagel Shop

There are many small businesses such as bagel shops which do require regular business funding periodically. The purpose for funding for small businesses is simple, it could be for purchasing equipment, or for advertising or just working capital. The reasons for the loan are many, and that is not a limitation as we at Funding Easily do understand the requirements of small businesses. For more information: Cash Advance USA

There are many small businesses who have applied for regular bank loans when they need it, only to find out that banks are not very cooperative. Some of the reasons that banks have for not entertaining or approving applications for business loans is due to the security of the investment. Banks generally do not consider small businesses as very stable.

If you are a bagel shop owner then you need to look into our business funding for bagel shop. These are loans that are specifically for bagel shops. As a private lender, we require simple details about your business, and the qualification criteria are also very realistic.

Typically, what a private funder needs to provide you with a merchant cash advance for bagel shops is the following. Your business needs to be at least over a year old, it needs to have a monthly gross sale of at least $15 thousand or more, and the owner of the business should not be in active bankruptcy, and the credit score of the owner of the business does not need to be over 700 or even 600 to qualify. These are realistic and generic requirements for business funding.

With a bank things are never so simple, banks generally require loads of paper work to satisfy their insecurities related to bad investments. They will require months on end of bank statement which could be more than one years statements, in addition to this there are other requirements as well such as the tax statements, personal financials of the business owners, a high credit score generally over 700 and more.

If your looking for a business loan for your bagel shop, feel free to contact us. Our funding team will be happy to provide you with more information, and also help you fill out the application quickly and easily.

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