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Florists who are looking for business loans need not worry if their loan application is turned down by the bank. Typically, banks turn down most of the small business loan applications they receive. Approximately 90% of all loan applications from small businesses to banks are turned down. These statistics do not make a lot of sense to businesses who are seeking to grow, expand their businesses or just stay competitive. For more information: Cash Advance USA

Now there are many private funding options for small businesses such as florists. Now a small business can apply for our special merchant cash advance for florist which is a specific funding option, taking into consideration the florists business requirements.

Funding Easily is one of the top private lenders who specifically cater to businesses such as florists. Here we are able to quickly process business funding for florist and provide florists with the perfect options that suit their business requirements.

Our time frames for processing are very quick with the quickest times being 48 to 72 hours, in comparison to banks who generally take upto 2 months to reject an application at times. This is one of the benefits of private funding.

Other benefits are the documentation process for qualification. Typically, a bank can ask for statements that show good deposits and ending balances, tax returns, profit and loss statements, personal financials and a lot more.

Funding Easily has requirements which are far easier to meet. The age of the florists business needs to be over 12 months and the business monthly gross sales need to be over $15 thousand. These are the primary requirements, and if a business meets these two criteria the possibility of meeting the rest of the criteria is very high.

In addition to this the entire process is quick and simple, enabling the business to focus more on their business operations rather than other formalities. For more information contact us, our funding team will provide you with all the information you need, and assist you with your loan application.

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