Business Loans for Women

business loans for womenCan a small business owner with poor credit or below average credit get a business loans for women. The answer to this is a resounding yes. The ones who have a problem handing out business loans are banks, as banks require credit scores that are in excess of 700 to approve a business loan.

Funding Easily is a private funder and we even provide business loans for women. There are numerous women owned businesses out there that also do require funding. As a private lender our requirements are very different from the banks. Typically, the banks require a high credit score to entertain a business funding application, and in addition to this they require a lot of other evidence to fund a business.

The reason banks have all these criteria is simply because they are not in favor of funding small businesses, and are not obligated to do so either instant small business loans. Banks prefer to fund large businesses and corporations, and the qualification criteria that banks have are designed around large businesses and corporations.

Small Business Loans for Women

small business loans for womenAs a private lender our qualification criteria are very different and we are able to provide small business loans for women. All we require for a small business owner to qualify for the business funding are as follows; the business needs to be at least 12 months old and running, the owner of the business should not be in any form of active bankruptcy at the time of the application, and the gross income of the business in a month needs to be at least $10 thousand.

In addition to this to provide a business with small business loans for women or any other category of small business, we do not require excellent credit. We even provide loans to business owners whose credit scores are in the Mid-500s. To top it all off, we don’t require collateral, security of any kind or personal guarantees of any kind.

Contact us for more information Women’s Business Ownership, and our funding team will be happy to provide you with the additional information you require.

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