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For all the small businesses in Fresno that require business loans in Fresno. The natural choice is to go to their bank to apply for a loan. However, as many soon find out this is not as simple as it appears. The primary reason why banks are not interested in funding small businesses is to protect their investments.

As a private funder Funding Easily is one of the key funders which funds thousands of small and medium sized businesses every year. In addition to this we also provide loans for professionals. Professionals just like small businesses have a tough time obtaining a business loans in Fresno from the bank.

We require no collateral, security and no personal guarantees either. While banks do require every form of security and guarantee they can get quick small business loans.

One of the biggest advantages of working with a private lender for financing is the turnaround time for the funding. Typically, we can process a business loans in Fresno in 48 to 72 hours. At the earliest, and in a months’ time at the latest. A bank on the other hand would take on an average 2 to 6 months to do the same.

Small Business Loans Fresno

Some of the kinds of loans that we process are for small and medium sized businesses and also small business loans Fresno. One of the advantages of applying with us for a business loan is simply that the credit rating of the professional or the business owner is not the key deciding factor. We do work with less than average credit or poor credit scores, and we can work with a credit score in the mid-500s.

Credit scores is one factor that disables many small and medium sized business owners from applying for a small business loans Fresno. However, since we do not consider credit score as the deciding factor likes banks do. Small business owners or professionals can obtain a business loans with poor credit scores as well.

One of the primary reasons banks do not want to fund small businesses is because they are viewed as high risk investments. Banks are not keen on getting into high risk investments and as a result have developed a list criteria over the decades based on their experience with bad investments and losses. Packers24

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