Business Loans in Houston

Business Loans in Houston is home to countless small and medium size businesses, and this is one reason why there is so much demand. Traditionally, small businesses require loans for numerous purposes. Some of these are expanding the business, purchasing new equipment, inventory, for existing or new contracts.

Some of the reasons that most businesses do not go to banks is because most banks are very hesitant in giving business loans in Houston to businesses. Banks generally prefer to give only very secure loans, and small businesses are not consider to be a very secure.

If a small business owner applies for a private business loans in Houston the possibility of being approve for it is very high. The qualifying criteria is possible with private lenders, unlike what it is with banks. 

business loans in houston

Business Funding in Houston

Generally, banks reject approximately 90% of all the business funding in Houston applications that they receive. On the other hand, private lenders require a business to be at least 12 months old with a minimum gross sale of $15 thousand a month.

For a private lender the credit score is not a very important criteria to approve or reject a business application. Unlike banks who require a credit score to be over 700. Banks also require statements which reflect good deposits and balances, tax returns and sometimes the business funding in Houston.

The time frames associated with a bank application and a private funding is also drastic. At the quickest a bank will update an applicant in a month or more, about the status of their application. While on the other hand a private lender can process the application at the earliest within 24 to 48 hours. 

Taking all these features into considerations it is very possible for a small or medium sized business to qualify for a small business loans in Houston. Follow the link mentioned on this page to contact our funding team. Who will provide you with additional information and also assist you with filling loan application if required.


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