Business Loans in Kansas City

For all the small and medium sized businesses in Kansas City who require business loans in Kansas City, Funding Easily provides perfect solutions. Most small business owners look toward the bank for funding their businesses, and most banks are not friendly toward funding small businesses.

Private lenders such as us are able to provide small businesses with instant funding if required in the way of merchant cash advance. For this small businesses who have less than average credit, in the mid-500s can get funding also. We do provide business loans in Kansas City, so do not hesitate to apply for one. We do not require collateral security or personal guarantees. The loans are easy to apply for with a very high approval rating.

We do also offer loans for professionals, most self-employed professionals find it difficult to obtain business loans in Kansas City. Banks have a long list of qualification criteria which are designed to prevent loss of investments. These criteria are designed to eliminate what they would consider risky investments, however it does not suit the requirements of small business owners, and neither does it meet the demand for funding.

Small Business Loans Kansas City

At Funding Easily we do provide small business loans Kansas City for professionals as well as loans for small and medium sized businesses. Our criteria are simple, the business needs to be at least 1 year old, the minimum gross sale of the business needs to be at least $15 thousand, and the owner of the business should not be in active bankruptcy at the time.

Unlike banks we do not require a credit score of 700 or more to qualify you for a loan. Most small business owners are unable to meet the stringent criteria set by banks which disqualifies them from getting approved for the small business loans Kansas City they require.

More information regarding our funding options can be obtained by contacting us. Our funding team will provide you with the information that you require, and also assist you with your loan application if required.

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