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There are many small business owners who apply to the bank regarding business loans in Oakland. Banks have set criteria to approve or reject loan applications. Most small businesses struggle with getting a loan from the bank because of the strict qualification criteria. Typically, a bank will not entertain an application whose credit score is less than 700.

As a private funder Funding Easily does provide quick small business loans in Oakland. We are able to work with credit scores in the mid-500s also. In addition to this, there are other easy criteria that we have which are as follow. The business needs to be at running for at least 12 months old or over. The business owner should not be in active bankruptcy. And the gross income of the business needs to be at least $15 thousand.

Due to the criteria that banks maintain, and what most small business owners are unaware of is that. On an average 90% of small business loans in Oakland applications are rejected by banks.

Small Business Loans Oakland

We do also provide small business loans Oakland for professionals. Banks again do not view self-employed professionals as very secure business investments. This is due to many reasons, however as a private funder and with our criteria. Which are completely different from banks, we provide loans for professionals as long as they meet our criteria.

We understand the criteria that banks have in place, and these are formulate based on decades of experience. However, due to the changes in the current economic structure of the global economy many of those criteria are not take into consideration by us.

Funding Easily provides small business loans Oakland to all forms of small businesses and medium sized businesses. The maximum amount of funding that a business can receive is $1 million, based on their income and ability to repay.

More information can be gather by calling us directly, our funding team will assist you with the application for your business funding as well, if required.

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