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There are many small and medium sized businesses who apply to their local bank for a business loans in Raleigh. While they may not be sure why their application was reject. It is due to the fact that banks view funding small businesses a high risk investment.

On the other hand private investors such as Funding Easily, do in fact provide business loans in Raleigh for all businesses including small businesses. Our criteria are easy to achieve, and are as follows; the business should be at least 12 months old, the business should have a gross monthly sale of $15 thousand at least and the owner of the business should not be in bankruptcy.

The criteria of banks is strict with most banks requiring a credit score of at least 700 to touch an application. In addition to this they also require other forms of security, personal guarantees and collateral. Banks want to be sure the business loans in Raleigh they are lending small businesses, is going to a healthy business. Typically, the business should have good profit margins, and should be financially strong and healthy. If a business statements, tax returns, profit and loss statements and personal financials of the business owner do not show this, then the possibility of rejection is very high.

Small Business Loans Raleigh

Funding Easily provides small business loans Raleigh with poor credit as well as business loans for professionals. Professionals have a tough time obtaining business loans from banks, and we have funding many self-employed professionals.

Professionals generally struggle with funding from the bank because the banks have criteria that were develop over the past few decades. The primary criteria of the bank is not to approve the funding, but rather to find a reason not to fund. If no reason can be found at all. Then the funds are given. Funding Easily provides loans for professionals just like regular loans, and all a professional needs to do is achieve the criteria that we have, which is realistic and reasonable.

You can fill the application small business loans Raleigh form on our website, or you can contact us. Our funding team will assist you with the application for your loan.

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