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For small businesses and self-employed professionals, getting a business loans in Sacramento from a bank is a challenge. Most banks don’t entertain business funding applications from small business owners and as such they have very limited options.

This is however not a problem anymore for small business owners. Now with private funders offering business loans in Sacramento for professionals and loans for small business owners, they can get the funds they need. Banks are a bit more selective when it comes to giving loans, and prefer to finance corporations and large businesses.

There are many differences when it comes to bank funding and private funding. One of the primary differences is in the credit scores. Banks require businesses to have a credit score of at least 700, while a private lender such as us provide quick small business loans in Sacramento with poor credit as well.

Small Business Loans Sacramento

In addition to working with less than average credit, such as in the mid-500s, we also require no collateral, security and no personal guarantees. This makes the entire process of applying for a small business loans Sacramento easy and feasible for many who are unable to meet the criteria of banks.

The turn-around time is another factor that is very quick with us, and we can process an application for a merchant cash advance at the quickest in 48 to 72 hours. Banks do not process business loan applications so quickly or easily.

Banks are very stringent with their criteria, to protect their investments with small and medium sized businesses, and as a result about 90% of all small business applications are rejected. In addition to this banks also require security, collateral, personal guarantees and they definitely require a credit score that is good. Typically, a bank will not work with a credit score that is less than 700.

We easily provide business loans in Sacramento to professionals and small businesses. Contact us for more information, our funding team will assist you with the information you need and also with filling in an application if required.

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