Business Loans in Tucson

For many small and medium sized businesses applying for a business loans in Tucson is not simple, and this is due to the extremely high rejection ratio of banks. Generally, about 90% of small business applications are rejected by banks. This is due to their strict qualification criteria, which they have developed over the decades to prevent loss of investments.

Private lenders such as ourselves look at situations from a far more practical perspective when providing business loans in Tucson. Our qualification criteria are simple and practical and based on practical parameters. Our requirements are simple; the business must be at least 12 months old, the gross monthly sales needs to be at least $15 thousand, and the business owner should not be in personal bankruptcy.

Other advantages that are offered by private lenders are also features which omit the credit score as a primary basis for qualification. As a result we do provide quick business loans in Tucson with poor credit also, and we can work with a credit score that would be considered below average, in the mid-500s.

Small Business Loans in Tucson

We do also provide small business loans in Tucson for professionals also, such as doctors, dentists, handymen and so on. Professionals also have a tough time when it comes to obtaining funds for their businesses, as banks are not friendly toward small businesses and self-employed professionals.

Considering that we provide loans for professionals if are a self-employed professional looking for a small business loans in Tucson we can fund your business. While we do not say that a bank will not fund you, the possibility of a bank providing you with the funding you require is slim.

Small business owners generally look for funding for reasons such as expansion of their business, working capital, inventory, advertisement etc. The quickest and easiest loan that a small business owner or a self- employed professional can apply for is a merchant cash advance.

At the earliest we can provide you with business funding within 48 to 72 hours and at the latest in about a month. Contact us for more information related to funding, our funding team will assist you with an application if required.

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