Business Funding in Minneapolis

For small business owners who are looking for business funding, we provide quick workable solutions. Typically, most small business owners apply to their banks, which is a good thing. However, banks have stringent criteria and are not eager to fund small and medium sized businesses also.

As a private funder, Funding Easily is a premier funder, providing merchant cash advance loans to thousands of small and medium businesses every year. Our criteria for funding is simple and as mentioned here; the applicants business needs to be at least 12 months old, the gross income or sale of the business should be at least $15 thousand, and the owner of the business should not be in bankruptcy.

We provide business loans for professionals as well as business loans with poor credit. When we say business loans with poor credit, it means we are able to work with below average credit scores, ie; in the mid-500s. Banks require a credit score to be at least 700 to entertain a business funding application.

We understand that self-employed professionals find it particularly hard to get funded by the bank, and this is due to the stringent criteria that banks have. Banks have such stringent criteria based on decades of ‘best practice’ norms which are out dated to a degree as well as designed to provide water tight protection against bad investments.

On the other hand we do provide loans for professionals without much ado, provided the applicant of the loan meets our reasonable criteria, and most do. Those who are able to meet our primary criteria, easily qualify for the business loan they require.

Typically, banks reject over 90% of all small business loan applications, and this is due to their stringent criteria’s. However, this does not mean that banks do not fund, they would rather fund large businesses, and corporations with large amounts of funding.

Contact us for more information related to how you can apply, our funding team will be happy to provide you with the information you require, and also assist you with the loan application if necessary.

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