business loans San Francisco

Small and medium business owners generally require business loans San Francisco. There are a number of reasons why businesses require loans however that is not the point here. 

The point is do they always get the loans they require, and the answer is not so. Not so by banks at least, and there is a very simple reason for that.

Banks reject most of the applications for funding they receive for many reasons. Which all revolve around what is known as “risk factor”. What banks call risk factors is a long list of “we will not fund this because” and these lists have been building up over decades or possibly even centuries. 

What the banks fear most is bad debts, and when it comes to risk factors, banks have no sense of humor and don’t believe in common sense.


business loans san francisco

Business Funding San Francisco

As a result not more than 10% of all applications receive by banks are approve, and that leaves a little over 90% of businesses with no funding from the banks. For businesses to survive and remain competitive they do require funding, equipment. The ability to invest in projects and so on, and these requirements are met by loan lenders in most cases.

Business funding San Francisco suit the requirements of many businesses in San Francisco, They provide businesses with a very high approval rate. The funding is a lot easier to secure because they do not require collateral, security and no personal guarantees. At the same time credit score is not a major stumbling block when it comes to quick business loans.

Its these easy qualifying parameters that ensure that that most small businesses are able to obtain the business funding San Francisco they require easily and quickly. In any growing economy, financial liquidity is key to the further development of that economy, and helps keep small business which make up the bulk of the economy profitable.


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