Business Loans for Tattoo parlors

For tattoo parlors who require loans the best option is to apply with a private funder. The reason for this is simple, private funders and banks have very different qualifying criteria. Typically, business loans for tattoo parlors are available even from banks however upon meeting the strict criteria of the bank. The criteria of banks is more suited to large businesses and corporations. Apply Now! Quick Business Loans

The criteria set by banks is designed to ensure that they do not lose their investment or to ensure it does not turn into a bad investment. The criteria have been established based on decades of experience dealing with businesses, and as a result banks require a lot in the way of criteria.

A banks normal criteria are a high credit score at least 700, business statements that show good deposits and ending balances, good profit and loss statements, and personal financials of the business owner, tax returns and more. All, these documents are required so that the bank can be fully satisfied about the security of their investment with that business. As a result of the stringent norms and criteria of the banks, about 90% of all loan applications are turned down by banks. For more information: Cash Advance USA

A private funder such as funding easily has very different qualifying criteria. We do not require strong credit scores a poor credit score will do, we do not require collateral, security, or personal guarantees either. What we do require in the way of criteria is the business should be active, it should be over 12 months running at least and the gross monthly sale of the business needs to be at least $15 thousand or over.

Time frames is another features, we are able to process the business funding for tattoo parlors at exceptional speeds. At the quickest we can deliver the funds to a small business in 48 to72 hours from the time of receiving their application. A bank would take anywhere from 2 to 6 months to do the same.

More information can be obtained by contacting us directly, our funding team will provide you the information you require, and assist you with filling the application form if required.

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