Cash Advance Loans for Bad Credit

There are numerous small businesses who are looking for cash advance loans for bad credit, and we provide them with the solution for that, easily and quickly as well. The funding is not a problem for us, and we provide small businesses with the funding with easy terms. We do however ask all business owners who are applying for a loan with us to be ‘decided’. The reason for this is due to the fact that small businesses comprise of the bulk of the United States economy, about 99.7% of all businesses are small businesses. As a result the health of the overall economy lies with small businesses by in large.

Banks are not eager to fund small businesses, and as a result of this they have very stringent qualification criteria. The criteria of banks ensures that over 90% of all small businesses fail to qualify for the funding that they require.

We do however fund small businesses and our qualification criteria are completely different to those of the banks. Most small businesses are able to qualify for the funding that we provide due to the reasonable and practical requirements that we have. Mentioned below here are the qualification criteria that we have;

  1. The owner of the business should not be in any form of active bankruptcy at the time of the loan application, to qualify for the cash advance online no credit check.
  2. The gross income of the business needs to be at least $10 thousand or over that amount in a month.
  3. The age of the business needs to be at least 12 months old or older than that.

Cash Advance Bad Credit

These are the basic requirements that we have, and typically most small businesses who require a loan do qualify for the funding that we provide, as the terms are easy and reasonable for small businesses. Also mentioned below here are the other features that make the entire process hassle free and quick.

The processing time frames that we have to provide small businesses with the funding they require is very short. Typically, we can provide a small business the funding they require within 48 to 72 hours from the time we receive the completed application. This is because our qualification criteria are very simple and this results in less paper work and formalities. Banks on the other hand due to their stringent qualification criteria, will take at least a couple of months to accomplish the same.

There are also other features such as the fact that we do not require collateral, as all our funding is unsecured. This is a very beneficial feature for small business owners, as many of them are unable to come up with the collateral that banks and other financial institutions require. Typically, the value of the collateral needs to be double of the value of the funding being taken against it. Banks do not provide small businesses with funding uncollateralized, and would require collateral.

The credit scores are also not a determining factor for us, and without the necessary credit scores the banks will never entertain an application from a small business. We often work with credit scores that are below average, and in the low to mid-500s, and we provide them with cash advance loans no credit check. Banks on the other hand will require credit scores that are in the 700s to provide them with the funding that they require.

For more information related to the loans we offer, contact us. Our funding team will assist you with any and all information that you require, and we will also provide you with assistance in filling up the online form. If you would on the other hand simply like to fill the form online, simply click on the ‘apply now’ tab and proceed to fill in the details.