Cash Advance Los Angeles

Many small business require cash advance loans Los Angeles and we provide those to small businesses, easily and without any hassle. The banks on the other hand do not have such a user friendly approach toward funding small businesses. Most small business loan applications to banks are rejected on various grounds, approximately 90%.

As a private lender, Funding Easily is one of the more popular small business funding companies that exist. Our funding criteria are a lot more user friendly and hassle free as compared to those of the banks, and are mentioned here below;

  1. The owner of the business should not be in any form of active bankruptcy at the time of the loan application.
  2. The business must be at least 12 months old and a running business.
  3. The gross sale of the business needs to be at least $10 thousand every month.

These are some of the basic criteria that we have to provide small businesses with cash advance loans in Los Angeles. These are simple and basic criteria and most small businesses are able to qualify for them easily without much problem. Banks do have a lot more criteria, and those are complicated to say the least. Anyone who has applied for a bank loan knows how it is.

Cash Advance Loans in Los Angeles

In addition to our simple criteria, we do not require high credit scores, and often work with credit scores that are less than average, and often in the mid-500s. And we fund these businesses as well, as our criteria does not require high credit scores. Banks on the other hand do require credit scores that are above average, and would prefer credit scores that are 700 or above.

Other features that make getting a cash advance in Los Angeles a simple and hassle free process is due to the fact that we do not require collateral or security or personal guarantees. These are simple and uncollateralized loans for small businesses. Banks on the other hand do consider small businesses to be a high risk investment, and will always require collateral as per their norms to fund small businesses.

For more information related to cash advance loans in Los Angeles contact us. Our funding team will provide you with the information you require, and assist you with the filling in of an application. Alternatively, if you’d like to fill in the application by yourself, simply click on the ‘apply now’ tab and fill in our simple application form.

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