Cash Advance New York

There are many features that are associate with cash advances New York, and we make the entire process easy and simple for small business owners.

Typically, the requirements that we have are simple and easy and this enables most small business to qualify for the cash advance New York. Our requirements are much simpler than the requirements of banks and this is one of the reasons we provide business loans to small businesses.

Some of the features that are associated with the cash advance for businesses that we provide is the qualification criteria. Typically, our criteria are very different from those of banks, making it easy for small business owners to apply and qualify. Mentioned below are our criteria that are simple and easy for most small businesses to qualify for;

  1. The owner of the business must not be in bankruptcy at the time of the loan application.
  2. The business should be at least 12 months old and a running business.
  3. The gross monthly income of the business needs to be at least $10 thousand to qualify.
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These are the basic qualification criteria that we have for providing small businesses with cash advance New York. Banks on the other hand have a list of complicated criteria, and most small businesses are unable to meet all the criteria required by banks. This is one of the primary reasons why most small business applications, up to 90% are reject by the bank.

Fast Access to Cash in New York

There are other features that are also associated with the funding that. We provide that go on to make the entire process of applying for a cash advance New York. We do not require high credit scores either and often work with credit scores. That are in the mid-500s, and fund those businesses.

Additionally, we do not require collateral, security and personal guarantees either to provide small businesses with the funding they require. And, our processing time is very quick. Small businesses can literally have the funds they require in a matter of 24 hours. At the most in a matter of a weeks’ time.

To know more about the cash advance New York that we provide contact us. Our funding team will assist you with all the information you require. And with the application process as well. Alternatively, if you would like to fill in the application yourself, click on the ‘get started’ tab and fill in your details.


Hassle Free And Easy Application And Processing