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There are thousands of small and medium sized business that require cash advance USA for various purposes. However, most small business owners are not aware of the fact that most banks are not keen on providing small businesses with financing. The reason for this is because banks consider small businesses to be high risk investments when it comes to cash advance America.

Qualification criteria for a cash advance;

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Working with private cash advance companies such as us is different from a bank, we provide cash advance online to numerous small businesses. The reason we are able to provide cash advances to small businesses is because our qualification criteria are very different from those of banks.

The qualification criteria of banks for merchant cash advance bad credit are designed to discourage small businesses from applying for the cash advance USA. As banks consider funding small businesses to be a high risk activity, they would rather not and instead fund big businesses. The requirements that banks have is a high credit score, at least 700 or over, the financial statements of the business should paint a pretty picture of the profitability and the stability of the business. These criteria are generally set for big businesses and corporations, and they are generally able to meet the requirements of banks easily. Most small business cash advance applications to the bank are rejected, about 90% of all applications.

Our qualification criteria for cash advance USA, are simple and as follows; the owner of the business should not be in any form of active bankruptcy at the time of the loan application. The business should be at least one year old, and running at the time of the application. Finally, the gross income of the business needs to be at least or in excess of $10 thousand a month.

Other features associated with the loan application process;

Some of the other features that are associated with the loan process that are of interest to small business owners are as follows as well. We do not require a high credit score unlike banks who will out-rightly reject a loan application from an applicant whose credit score is less than 700. We work with credit scores that are below average often, and those whose scores are in the mid-500s. Our funding is based on our criteria and not on the credit score of the business, as credit scores are affected by many factors and not just the business ethics of the business owner.

In addition to this we do not also require personal guarantees, collateral for the cash advance USA or any form of security from the business owner. Banks on the other hand do require every form of security to secure the funding that they are lending out. This is normal and standard procedure for a bank, and there are no exceptions to the rule.

Time frames associated with business funding;

The time frames that a private lender such as us take, in comparison to those taken by banks are also vastly different. Banks require a lot of paper work, and when one puts in an application with the bank, it’s about being approved or rejected, based on the stringent qualification parameters. Banks are not concerned with the time frames associated with the funding of a cash advance USA and the businesses personal requirements. On the contrary banks are more concerned with the security of their loan or investment, and they will take their time to determine this. The typical time frame that one can expect when dealing with the bank for a business loan is a couple of months.

As a private lender, our requirements to provide cash advance USA are different and we are able to work through the application process easily and far quicker than banks due to this. Since, our method of evaluating the risks associated with funding business is completely different, we are able to approve an application at the quickest within 48 to 72 hours. Generally, the average time that a small business can expect for the loan application to be processed is a couple of weeks.

Purpose of the funding;

As per our experience we are well aware of why small business require funding. Most of the small business owners who require funding, require it for purposes such as purchasing new or additional equipment, expansion of the business, completion of contracts, payroll, consolidation of other loans, inventory and more cash advance companies.

Cash Advance Companies

Typically, most small businesses who require loans require them because they need the extra funds. This is where a conflict of interests arises with the banks. Banks find healthy and profitable businesses to be the best choice for giving loans to. However, as we know well small businesses that are doing well and are highly profitable, do not require loans cash advance companies for things such as business expansion.

The reality of the situation is most small businesses who require loans, require the loans, and we do provide them with the funding they require. As our qualification criteria are secure enough for us and reasonable enough for small businesses, we are able to fund numerous small businesses without much problem.

Contact us for more information regarding cash advance companies. Our funding team will provide you with the additional information you require. In addition to this if you require assistance filling in the online form or any other form of assistance related to the funding, our funding team will assist you. Alternately, you can click on the ‘get started’ tab mentioned on the page here, and fill out the simple six fields of basic information to get started.

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