Commercial Business Loans

commercial business loans

Small businesses find it difficult to get small commercial business loans from banks, and there are many reasons behind this. Banks for one, do not find small businesses to be the safest place to invest their money and would rather focus on funding large businesses as well as corporations. To limit their funding to large businesses, banks have a number of criteria in place which make it very difficult for small businesses to qualify. In a nutshell this is the reason why small businesses have a problem securing a bank loan.

On the other hand there are private funders such as Funding Easily who provide small businesses with the funding they require. The reason for this is the qualifying criteria that we maintain, these qualifying criteria are reasonable and make it easy for most small business owners to qualify for commercial business loans.

The primary criteria that we have as a private funder are as follows here; the business should be at least 12 months old and running, the owner of the business should not be in bankruptcy etc., and the gross income of the business needs to be at least $10 thousand. Most small businesses fall within these primary criteria, and as a result can be funded.

Small Commercial Loans

There are other features related to our criteria, which go on to make the small commercial loans feasible for small businesses. Some of the additional features are as follows; we do not require a high credit score, and we even work successfully with credit scores that are in their mid-500s. In addition to this we also do not require collateral, which is a must for banks who do require some form of asset based security. We do not require and forms of security deposits nor do we require personal guarantees.

Every year we fund thousands of small businesses with small commercial loans, and you can gather more information related to the services that we provide by contacting us. Our funding team will provide you with assistance as well in filling in the loan application form if required.

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